Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gloopy frogspawn!!

When Monica, John, Oisin and Eoghan came down for a visit, we all got a bit of a surprise when Eoghan found a huge splat of frogspawn in the middle of the maze. 


It was enormous!

As the flood receded, the frogspawn had floated to the wettest part of the field. But now, as the water went down and the ground dried out, it was stuck on land, where it would likely be eaten by birds or dry out and die.

Not ones to let good frogspawn go to waste, Monica, John and crew quickly set to work with a sheet of plastic and transported the gloop into the small stream at the bottom of the field. 

It slid off the plastic with a splash

The spawn is now sitting there happily in the water. I'll be keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks, so watch out for photos of tadpoles! 

Frogs are called 'loscán' in Irish. At the moment, they are not endangered, though if you want to collect frogspawn to put in a tank in your school, your teacher will need a special license from the Department of the Environment.

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