Saturday, July 6, 2013

Make your own Coracle boat! 24th August @ The River Field

Learn to make your own coracle boat at our 1-day workshop here at The River Field in north Kilkenny, from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 24th August 2013.

We'll be doing nature walks, foraging talks, willow weaving, herblore and minibeast sampling throughout the day, too.

This event coincides with Heritage Week 2013. To make an enquiry or to book a place, please contact us via email or on 0879125264. See below for more photos and details.


Coracles are willow-frame river boats, but they're also fun at the beach! Here's a pictorial account of a previous coracle-making session from Summer 2011:

Step One of making a coracle: It's like a big willow basket

Step Two: Get handy with the weaving

Step Three: Coat it in polythene/tarp

Step Four: Try not to fall in during the test run

Step Five: Float down the river

Step Six: Revel in the glory of a successful maiden voyage :)

As you can probably see, it's great craic. To make an enquiry or to book a place, please contact us.

If you want to take home your coracle, let us know in advance so we can arrange to have the materials ready for you (there will be an extra cost for this). Of course, you can bring your own too. Otherwise, feel free to help out and learn-by-doing by pitching in with others. Then you can make your own at home with friends!

Walks and Talks

These 30-minute mini events will be starting at half-past every hour, from 10.30am to 3.30pm. 

10.30am - What is biodiversity?

11.30am - Trees and wildflower identification

12.30pm - What is environmental sustainability?

1.30pm - Minibeasts: beetles, butterflies, moths and aquatic bugs

2.30pm - Foraging 

3.30pm - Herblore


The site is beside the river! Small children, exuberant young people, over-enthusiastic adults, beware. 

There will be no getting-in-to-the-river by anyone except the trainers, unless you bring your own safety equipment/lifejacket. 

It might rain! Wear sensible clothes and shoes: jeans/trousers that nettles won't sting through, boots, raincoat, etc. 

Bring a picnic! And a strong bladder - you'll be weeing behind a bush ;)

Attendance is free but we will be accepting donations to cover the trainers' costs and contribute to the running of the facility. Any profit beyond that will go to the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland (Kilkenny Branch).

The kind of donation we need to make this work is €30 per person, €20 for the unwaged/students, €5 for kids.

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