Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Storm Frank

The River Field is even more aptly named today! We've never seen the water this high.

Last night, Storm Frank battered the country with high winds and lots of rain. This fell on top of an already sodden Nore valley here in Co. Kilkenny. I took a video to show just how bad it is at Han's Cross, near Lismaine Bridge - have a look, you can see (and hear!) the water gushing over and under the road as it flows from one field to the next.

Just for comparison...
On Boxing Day
Today - it's half way up mum's wellies

In the picture below, you can see just how strong the current is as it flows under the road.

The picture below is a bit closer to home - the water line is approx 20 metres from our gate. The road used to flood regularly until it was raised by 1.5 metres in the mid '90s. This is the first time the new raised road has been under water, though. There's a good chance we might be flooded in this evening: the stretch of road in the photo is impassable, as is the alternative route down by the Finger Post. The last resort is past the graveyard and up the hill by Walshe's on the back roads to Freshford. We went that way at about 12pm, and the water was streaming down the road from the hills and collecting in the dip. We just about got through it at the time... I'm going out in an hour. Will I get through it??

This field - directly opposite our house - has never flooded before. You can just about make out the owl box in the middle. I wonder what they make of it all...

It is quite beautiful, though! I'm hoping the winds will die down over the next few days and I can get some nice Turner-esque photographs of the clouds reflected in the flood waters. Judging by the latest Met Eireann forecast though, there's not much hope of it.

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