Saturday, May 21, 2016

Early summer foraging - nettles, wild garlic, hawthorn and bramble

It's a great time of year for greens - for salads, soups and teas - so I've been out picking.

This is a really simple soup - wild garlic stalks (just the soft bits, chopped up) and nettle leaves, plus a little bit of pre-roasted butternut squash to thicken it and some veg stock. Simple, quick and tasty!

A tray of bramble (blackberry) and hawthorn leaf, drying for tea. I ended up mixing it with some wild water mint I picked and dried last year and it tastes delicious - fresh and light. Hawthorn is supposed to be great for regulating cholesterol and blood pressure. Bramble is good for sore throats, apparently. 


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  3. I just bought some nettle, hawthorn and blackberry leaves for tea, I wish I had been proactive in picking them wild like you