Sunday, June 12, 2016

River Field Nature Day 2016

On June 4th, over 100 of our nearest and dearest joined us in the River Field for a nature day. The idea was to identify as many species of plant, animal and fungi as possible over the course of the afternoon, record them, figure out what's interesting and/or unique, and submit everything to the National Biodiversity Data Centre so we can contribute to the national effort to improve our knowledge of Ireland's biodiversity. The whole thing was inspired by the 'BioBlitz' initiative, which brings communities and scientists together to do something similar, except over a 24 hour period.

Naturally enough, we went to town and turned it into a bit of a party with straw bale seating, bunting, new signs, a freshly-mown willow maze, a brand new compost toilet, lanterns, bonfire, etc.

Straw bale seating and handmade bunting

The entrance to the Willow Maze...

...leading to this at the centre

Our new compost loo

The Roundhouse

Here are some photos from the day itself. Species lists to follow!
Duncan, Valerie, Paul Dowding, Mum Yvonne and Shane identifying grasses

Paul Dowdling identifying butterfly larvae

Pay and Mary Durkin's group identifying birds by their song

More birdsong identification

...and some more!

The entomologists arrive! Jane and Eileen come armed with butterfly nets and pots

Virge and Vivi inspecting the insects

Compiling the lists

Getting up close and personal with the insects

Eileen, puzzled! 

Two wonderful wildlife detectives, Isabel and Caoimhe

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